design. refresh. consult.

Patty Carmody Interiors is based in Darien, Connecticut. Patty approaches each project with confidence and enthusiasm. With 17 years of interior design experience, she can quickly find the function and layout in any space…and the transformation begins!

Her design business continues to grow from working with homeowners on creating family friendly environments and consults with renovation projects. Her design jobs vary from vacation homes at the beach to Manhattan apartments where multi-functional space planning is a must.

The Real Estate world has tapped into Patty’s quick eye for redesigning and editing their listings before they are photographed and posted on their websites. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, her ‘before and after’ rooms prove that a little tweaking goes a long way to showcase your home.

Most recently, her love of design has taken a leap into commercial spaces. Local businesses have worked with Patty on updating their offices and suites.

Patty has formed trusted relationships with experts in the field and collaborates closely with architects, builders, custom craftsmen and trade showrooms to ensure that her projects result in happy clients.